Why listen to me?

I began the CoLaz enterprise in 2005, and since then I have turned one beauty salon in Southall West London into a franchise of 9 branches which can be found across the Southeast of England.

To do this, I researched the cosmetic and hair removal market to find the most high-quality and pain free laser hair removal machines available. With this information and upgrade, I transformed my business into an advanced beauty clinic and started targeting higher paying clients with my new in-demand, niche treatments.

And I can teach you to do the same for your business.

By moving away from the high-street treatments that your competitor are offering you can enter an elite market and transform your clientele list by targeting a new demographic.

 Business Plan

Business Plan

With my help, discover how to compile an impeccable beauty salon business plan to gain access to the small business loan funds you need.

 Salon Décor

Salon Décor

From choosing the right location & design theme, to picking out complimentary, yet functional salon uniforms, I’ve gathered all the information you need to know on salon décor.

 Salon Software 

Salon Software

Unsure how to choose the right salon software? Or wondering if your business even needs a software system? I can answer all these questions and more.

 Salon Training

Salon Training

 I’ve compiled a list of resources to cover everything for top salon and beauty clinic training, including all the latest courses for hair and beauty industry trends.

Where do we start?
This website is a compilation of resources for helping you the most of your hair or beauty salon business. Whether you are just starting out, or you are looking to transform your current place of business, everything you need to know is within these webpages.

This site will guide you on how to: 

- Start a successful hair or beauty salon business
- Design and create a fashionable salon
- Prepare business plans
- Choose the right equipment and furniture 

- Determine which licenses you require
- Finance an advanced beauty salon
- Motivate staff and ensure their loyalty
- Choosing the right training

I’ve included all this and more for you to leave your competitors in the dust. So, dive in and discover the keys to your successful salon or beauty clinic!

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