Having worked in the beauty industry before owning my own business, I knew the key to my salon would be in expertly training my employees. My aim was (and still is) to employ and train only the best hair removal technicians and beauty experts in London. To this end, I even began my own beauty school, CoLaz’s sister company, the Beaulaz Beauty and Laser Training Centre.

I have spent years researching top hair removal equipment to find the highest quality, pain free laser hair removal technology available. Accordingly, CoLaz uses the latest medical grade lasers for the utmost comfort and effectiveness for all client complexions and skin types. Furthermore, to complement the highest quality machines, I’ve spent much time honing and perfecting our laser hair removal and beauty treatments, and the training needed to achieve them.

Design and Layout

Every beauty salon owner understands the importance of designing the right layout and setup for their salon. Check out our beauty salon design post for more information on creating the ideal blueprint for your business. Whatever design ideas you choose to employ, aim for cohesion throughout your salon. Click here if you are looking for more salon design ideas.

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Why listen to me?

As well as being a qualified nurse, I’m the CEO of the successful CoLaz franchise. A branch of advanced beauty specialist salons across the UK. I’ve founded and built up the Beaulaz Training Centre; a VTCT approved beauty and laser training school.

CoLaz is now a successful franchise of 9 salons dotted around the lower Southeast of England. During my tenure as CEO, I have run the gauntlet of frustrations and obstacles that a small enterprise needs to overcome to succeed. I’ve dealt with everything from local governments and licenses, to finance companies and banks, as well as all the other factors that play a role in business. And I couldn’t have done it without the support and help of my husband and three teenage kids.

Which is how I can help you.

I can provide the informed support and guidance you need to transform your hair salon or beauty clinic. Whether you are a new business just forming, or an established company in need of a makeover, everything you need to know is here in the pages of this website.

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With my business acumen and your energy,
you can drive your salon to achieve its full potential.

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