Where to begin: 

Your reception area should be inviting and open to clients as it’s the very first impression of your salon that they will receive. The area should be comfortable, relaxing, and above all, a quality reflection of your salon’s image.

Where to begin

Other fundamental salon furniture includes:

Beauty Salon Chairs
Your chairs are at the heart of your business; they should be comfortable, functional, and reflective of your salon’s style. Whether you are opening a quality, luxury barber shop or an elegant, trendy hair salon just for women, your chairs should match your clientele and target market. 

Below are the different types of chairs you should include accordingly in your salon:

  • Salon styling chairs: These come in all sorts of forms, and usually incorporate some hydraulics to lift and lower the client according to their height.
  • Barber chairs: More masculine in style with the ability to recline for services such as shaving.
  • Shampoo chairs: Should also recline and be comfortable for the duration of washing and conditioning treatments.
  • Stools: A couple of serviceable small stools are great for stylists to use and manoeuvre around clients for better hairstyling positions.
  • Reception seating: Should be comfortable for clients to wait in before appointments.

Shampoo Bowls
Wet and dry stations are necessary to include in a salon and should have enough space around them to make clients comfortable, whether they are going through shampooing and conditioning treatments or drying.

Salon Mirrors 
These should be large enough for clients to see all aspects of their hair styling. Another important aspect of salon mirrors is lighting, be sure to read all about appropriate salon lighting here

Salon Trolleys
These are necessary for mobilizing all your beauty salon equipment between salon chairs and customers. Make sure these come with wheels to make your life easier.

salon furniture

  Beauty furniture:

Manicure Tables
Manicure tables come in all styles, so choose ones that fit in keeping with your salon and can be easily sanitised.

Pedicure Chairs
The chair is all part of the pedicure experience for any client. These can be expensive and include basins and massage capabilities or simply be a chair that reclines enough to enable the service, either way they should be comfortable. 

Massage/Facial/Waxing Tables
It is possible to buy tables that can be converted appropriately for all of these functions. Whichever style you choose, it is important that it is comfortable and easy to clean. Quality is a key aspect when considering these pieces of furniture.

All work equipment supplied within your salon should be suitable and safe for the job intended, in accordance with the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 by the Health and Safety Executive.

Beauty furniture

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