Where to Begin

First, conduct your research on the local area, you’d hate to discover any problems after you’ve opened. 

Questions to answer;

  • Are there similar salons in the area?  
  • What is your target clientele?  
  • What is a competitive pricing structure for treatments in your locale? 
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All this information will form the foundation of  your marketing plan.

Marketing your salon effectively the key to your future success!

It always surprises me how many business owners leave this most important task till the end, or worse! They delegate the task to reception staff!?

It’s a common occurrence, as the salon owner, you get too busy serving customers, performing treatments, and running a business. So, marketing drops off the priority list. There just aren’t enough hours in the day.

Marketing is the Heart of a Successful Business

Without an effective marketing strategy, you will notice that customers do not call, walk-in trade slows down, and sales are low. Customers just don’t seem to be buying and, despite your staff’s best efforts, they’re getting no response to their lackluster marketing attempts. I see this happening all the time with most small businesses. Don’t expect customers to just wander in. Most potential customers will search online for the solutions to their problems and then contact you through your marketing channels.  Compare several salons in the same area. One will be busier than the other simply because they have their marketing right!

Are you ready to discover proven steps to your successful marketing strategy?

I’m about to share a list of the most effective marketing tactics for your hair and beauty salon business

Let’s begin!
Your New Marketing Plan Will Consist Of

marketing plan

Unique Sales position (USP)

How will you be different from the thousands of other hair and beauty salons targeting the same customer profile as you? Why would I visit you over your competitor down the road?

Decide on your target group and define a strong Unique Sales Position USP.

"Visit one of the most popular ladies-only salon in Derby".

"Our salon specialises in Afro-Caribbean hair. The go-to for your afro".

Or maybe it’s guys only? 

"Discover the #1 grooming salon for men".

Be unique in your services and target a specific audience to win their life-long custom.

Now that you’ve crafted your USP, it’s time to decide on your mission statement.

Mission Statement

The mission statement is a summary of the aims and value of your organisation. Define a simple statement that communicates who you are, for example, states "We want to ensure our clientele receives individually tailor made treatments that help our clients to shine at affordable prices".

Now that you’ve crafted your mission statement, it’s time to create your business goals and objectives.

Business Goals and Objectives

These can involve areas such as profitability, growth and customer service. For example, a common goal for any successful business is to run a profitable operation. 

"We want to make 1 million pounds in the next fiscal year".

A common goal, but it’s important to put pen to paper and write all of these aims down. How can your goals become actionable until you’ve clearly defined what you’re aiming for?

Your USP, mission statement, and your clearly defined business goals and objectives all lay the strong foundation upon which you can build and realise your marketing plan.

Your Beauty Salon Marketing Plan

Your successful marketing plan is a document that clearly outlines your companies advertising and marketing efforts. It will describes the projected business activities and objectives for the coming year. Within the plan, you will also detail your strategic marketing objectives and tactical solutions.

These tactics are your path to success. I.e.They involve radio ads, billboard marketing, referrals from clients, and your website, as well as your approach to drumming up online traffic. 

All of these are your tactical efforts.

Marketing to Promote Your Hair and Beauty Salon

Lead Generating Hair and Beauty Salon

A Lead Generating Hair and Beauty Salon Website
Your beauty salon website is going to be your most important tool for promoting your salon business, hence why it comes first in this list. Surprising fact for you. It takes a whole year to build a high-traffic, lead generating website. And that involves working on it 40 hours per week! It therefore surprises me that most small businesses outsource this task to either a friend or an SEO company. Do you really think your friend or that SEO company will spend this much time on your business? 


Most SEO companies will download a theme related to your business and then ask you to provide the content and build around 5 pages to include your content and your "About us" page. They then sell you a monthly package. Once they’ve achieved the basic SEO for your website, you’re stuck paying them a monthly fee which achieves very little for you.

If you think your friend will do any better, then I wish you good luck in your business as you will need it.

You’re not going to achieve the success you want with a basic SEO optimized website. 

A few years ago, maybe. But in today’s technology driven society you need a competitive edge to achieve a #1 listing online.

But why do I need to be #1?

The number 1 position on a search results page gets 35% more traffic in comparison to 2nd position which gets just 17% and 3rd, which only receives 11.4%. So, you need to be hitting that top spot on Google to find your target customers. Your goal, therefore,is to build a content rich website with at least 30 pages targeting high demand keywords. Your site should be properly structured and optimized for search engines. 

I know this seems like a lot of effort but the pay-off is worth it! So many businesses failed to gain traction because their website was never optimized properly from the start.

Google "website building software" to find a number of great software companies that you can use to create a brand new website in no time. You’ll be surprised how easy it can be!

Email Marketing

Email Marketing
Email marketing is incredibly effective and is another important marketing tool to building traffic for your salon. 

Once your website is set up and you begin gaining traffic, then set up the subscription box to build your subscriber list. 

It takes time to build subscribers, so to speed up the process, provide an article or something of value to your visitors in return for their email address. 

Now you need to nurture this subscriber list, don’t just spam their email addresses, but send valuable tips, as well as your special offers. Maybe it’s a video with "How to do home facials", or "Good aftercare for waxing".

This type of email subscription and content creation takes time and planning so don’t just add it to your receptionist’s to-do list!

PPC Advertising
PPC stands for pay-per-click, a model of internet marketing in which advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked. It's a savvy way of buying visits to your site, rather than "earning" those visits organically. Google AdWords is one of the most popular forms of PPC.

A word of warning. This type of marketing will drain your budget FAST, unless your website is set up properly.

An example cost of a keyword such as laser hair removal is around £8 per click if. A visitor clicks on your advert in the search engine listings. If they don’t take any further action after landing on your site, that’s an £8 bounce rate per person. 

Just a small number of clicks will quickly escalate up to £80 per day. Rather than pour this money down the drain with PPC marketing you can create a content rich website and achieve organic traffic for FREE.

In the future as you grow your business, and have the budget for PPC, then you can allocate a small percentage for this line of advertising if you so wish. 

Social Media Marketing

Using Social Media Marketing to Your Gain
The secret to social media marketing is not just about your presence on it, but about getting people to share your content with other users.

Establish yourself as a thought leader—be an expert on popular treatments and offer valuable tips—build your content rich website and then begin social media advertising. Not the other way around. Use social media to share your expertise.

Billboard, Radio and TV Advertising
These types of advertising channels are expensive and you often have minimum contract commitments with the advertising companies you buy from. 

Their obvious advantage is they reach a huge number of people, perfect as you’re building and expanding a number of salons within your franchise, but an expensive route for the small business. 

Advertising costs within these lines depend up on exposure numbers, the popularity of the outlet and contract commitments. For examples of budgeting, expect a minimum of£5,000 per year for a billboard, £1,200 per month for radio advertising, and £4,500 per month for a cyclical TV advert.

Leaflet Drops
Leaflet dropping is a great way to drum up new business for your salon. Four times a year at least is an excellent way to directly communicate special offers and promotions to potential new clients. The cost of printing and delivering leaflets can be cost anywhere between £45 to £75 per 1,000 leaflets including GPS tracking service from door-to-door.

Ensure you use a company with GPS software so you know exactly where your leaflets have been delivered. Plan your leaflet drop at least 6 weeks before your promotion, this advance notice will help you negotiate a better rate with leaflet companies to print, design and schedule your drop in plenty of time.

Newspaper Advertising

Newspaper Advertising
Newspaper advertising is sadly no longer as effective as it used to be. My advice if you’re going to use this strategy then do it on a continuous basis for optimal repetitive brand recognition. Take out a quarter page advert in a weekly publication, negotiate a yearly contract to receive the best rates.

Advertise any open events and special promotions on full page spreads for maximum exposure in advance. Costs of these will depend upon your area and local paper. Optimise the advert by offering special offers if the reader brings a cut-out coupon into your salon.

Use newspaper adverts to up sell your more expensive treatments by including low-cost treatments as part of a package deal. For example, "Visit us for skin tag removal and receive a waxing session free!"

Check out these 9 Effective Beauty Salon Advertising Ideas

Coupon Deal Websites

Coupon Deal Websites 
Though Group on and KGB seem attractive for distributing coupon offers, they rarely produce long-lasting clients. Instead, customers searching on these sites are usually on the lookout for the next deal.

Using these sites involves discounting your treatment charges by 75% and the site then takes a 50% share of your profits. By the end of a transaction your business walks away with very little return for the outlay. A quick search on Google will uncover online horror stories from many a small business that has regretted using these websites.

Online Directories

Online Directories
The current most popular online directory is Yell, though there are many others available.

Be aware though, registering on Yell tends to result in an inundation of sales calls. They’re calling to sell sponsored listings of your business to drive the search results of your keywords up. For example, number 1 listing on their directory for "Beauty Salon" can cost upwards of around £3,000 per year.The larger the area and number of clicks, the higher the listing price.

So, the million-pound question is "Do you go on Yell to search for local businesses or do you go on Google?"

The two work well together as Yell is a reputable brand, so if Google provides your Yell sponsored listing in 1st, 2nd or 3rd position it’s likely to drive your traffic up. And if your business website is set up correctly to capture those keywords, then you may just get that call to your salon.

Once you’re up and running, take out a sponsored listing to improve your brand awareness and hit the number 1 listing spot in your chosen category.

Family and Friends Referrals

Family and Friends Referrals
The cheapest method of promotion is word of mouth. It costs nothing but works wonders. Client referrals are great for new customers. Include a reward system from the person making a referral to optimize the move. "Bring a new client in and get 50% off your own haircut".

Follow up each treatment with your clients by asking them to refer you to their friends and family. Enhance this move by giving them a business card to pass on. 

Promote this free organic advertising. Provide great service and your clients will shout about your business to the roof tops. Establish yourselves as a unique presence. An effective way to achieve this is by making your salon stand out from the crowd.

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