The Do’s and Don’ts of Choosing Artwork for Hair Salons

Do Choose a Theme
Themes can be an exciting and inspired way to decorate, as long as you choose an idea that has some relevance to your business mission, location, and target audience. The right beauty salon pictures or wall stickers can embellish your theme and keep it high-quality and stylish.

Check out CoLaz’s theme rooms here for more inspiration for your salon artwork.

Do Pick a Trend
Choose a trend that your salon fits in keeping with your salon’s demographics. Accents such as lighting fixtures and pieces of large canvas artcan highlight your trend. Your interior design is another way of demonstrating your creative eye which will only increase your client’s confidence in your styling and cutting abilities.

Do Choose Great Artwork
From to beauty salon window graphics to wall decals to murals, don’t be afraid of bold artwork. Just keep the design uncluttered. These are all great ways to add inexpensive touches of character and mood to your salon’s interior design.

Salon indor
salon product
Salon indoor
Salon location
Salon offer
Salon Reception

Don’t Clutter
Clutter and bad artwork choices send all the wrong messages to your clients. It shows disorganization. Organized space and clean lines are more likely to impress your clients with an idea of efficiency and relaxation.

Don’t Look Dated
Retro themes and pictures can be trendy, but make sure your interior design is on point. Otherwise rather than trendy and edgy, your vintage look will just seem outdated and unfashionable. Retro furniture and pictures can date and age your salon if you’re not careful. To stay future proof, it is possibly better to stick with modern styles.

The most important rule when choosing the right artwork for your salon is to get creative. Don’t be afraid to be bold with your choices. Your salon is your very own blank canvas, so have fun creating your masterpiece!

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