Beauty Salon Sign Tips

Your Brand
A great sign will enhance and reflect your business’ marketing image. Whether you incorporate your beauty salon slogan/tagline or the logo  you’ve designed especially, the sign should fit together with the rest of your marketing campaign. Aim as far as possible to keep the same themes, colour palette, graphics, and typography as the rest of your branding.

Storefront Dressing 
It’s important to remember to invest the same level of design and quality on the outside of your salon as you’ve invested in your inner salon décor and across your whole marketing campaign. Don’t skimp when it comes to your storefront. The outside of your salon should look as incredible as the inside. 

Indoor Dressing
Have an empty corner in your salon sitting doing nothing? Make use of all available footage and put it to use engaging your clients to try more of your available services and improving your sales. The right banner stand can attract clients to take advantage of any special offers you have on or try new treatments they haven’t discovered yet.

Think outside the box when it comes to using signs in your business’ advertising. Do you have any partnerships in the local area who may be willing to put a sign on show for you? Are there any upcoming conventions which you can take a stand and some banners to and increase customer awareness of your brand. Take advantage of any location you can think of which would benefit from a sign displaying information about your business and services.

Storefront Dressing
Your Brand
Indoor Dressing
Indoor Dressing
Treatment Room

The Sign 
Keeping it simple is my mantra with every design element involved in re branding, revamping or beginning a new salon business from scratch. By all means go big and bold, but simplicity is, by far, more effective than complexity. Make it so that walking traffic can learn as much as possible from your sign at a distance or if they pass close by. Avoid clutter and ensure all signs are paced at eye level where possible.

Use your signage to keep your current clients up-to-date on the latest fashions which are occurring in the industry. Demonstrate your creative expertise and on-trend knowledge with this advertising capability. Just be sure to maintain your signs and keep them contemporary and current.

Display discounts and special promotions at busy intersections or traffic lights near your business to catch driver’s attention—without being too distracting, of course. Encourage them to visit your business by placing signs near easy parking spots too.

In today’s age of social media and online marketing, traditional advertising methods such as signs are often overlooked. Don’t underestimate their power and capability to generate awareness and target local audiences that are likely to be interested in your services. These offline marketing methods can be just as influential as Instagram and Facebook to your campaign. 

Making them work hard for your salon by putting in the necessary time and investment in to get them right!

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