Top 3 reasons for building a website for your salon

  1. Return on Investment:

In the last few years, more and more businesses are beginning to take advantage of the huge market out there available online. Achieving the first-page position on Google can provide a great return on investment; making a functional, and beautiful, website a crucial element and expense of any successful business. Rating high on search result pages can drive huge numbers of traffic to your site and so, to your business.

  2. Stand Out 
from the Crowd: 

Hair salons, beauty clinics and barber shops have the potential to be one of the most popular service sites on the internet. No customer wants to do the actual legwork involved with visiting all the potential businesses in their area to find the right one for them. Instead, Google does all the hard, comparative work for you!

  3. Get Your Salon Found:

Having a website and strong social media is one of the best—and most modern—forms of advertising available.Furthermore, a lack of both can actually be harmful to your salon as people can view this deficiency as your business being outdated. If your concern is in your own tech skills than it is important to get this task outsourced as soon as possible. Without a website you are missing out on the potential to improve your salon’s sales and marketing, making a website one of the best business moves in today’s hair and beauty industry.

Beauty Salon Website1

Your beauty salon website is your sales pitch to all your clients, both new and current. You want to use this incredible marketing tool to get customers to walk through your door over your competitors. 

With this in mind, it’s important that your website is well-designed, attractive, rich with useful information and well-edited. Nearly 40% of internet users will bounce off a website if they feel it is unattractive or even if images do not load. These details are important to get right as you have mere seconds to grab your visitor’s attention and hold it.

Make your website more enticing with the following steps:

  • Use titles and headings to draw focus on important elements
  • Break up long paragraphs of text with bullet points and numbers
  • Make your content easy to scan and read; steer clear of complex/technical language
  • Use plenty of white space
  • Avoid heavy images or graphics which take ages to load
  • Make your website user-friendly and easy to navigate
  • Ensure it is mobile friendly; responsive to any gadget type and screen

  • Aim for a design that is simple, cohesive and relevant to your target audience
  • Make it easy for potential clients to book appointments and contact you with any questions
  • Use professional-quality images and photos to entice your customers into visiting your business and trying your services
  • Include all relevant details about your location, parking/transport advice, and treatment information

Most importantly, make sure your website doesn’t become static. There is nothing worse than a business which doesn’t maintain its website and keep it relevant. Update your site every three months at the very least. Though if you really want to maximize your online presence, make the most of your social media daily. Post special offers, create a gallery of successful hairstyles and colours on clients, and keep a blog. These are all tools you can be using to get your business out there! 

So, what are you waiting for? Get building your site today!

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