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According to the International Master Course of Ageing Skin (IMCAS), the laser hair removal industry is estimated to be worth an incredible 3 billion pounds by 2019.So, it’s no wonder that more and more salons and beauty clinics are looking to train their staff to handle the treatment responsibly. Laser hair removal allows you to offer a more semi-permanent solution to unwanted hair for your clients.With this technique they can enjoy smooth, hairless skin for months rather than weeks.

Laser Hair Removal Legal Requirements

Adding laser hair removal to your aesthetician toolkit can be a great way to boost revenue and complement your current beauty treatment list. But if you are considering expanding to include this service, it is important to consider all the factors involved. 

With the rise in popularity, it is now a legal requirement for all private practices, beauty clinics, spas and salons which offer this service to be registered and monitored by the Care Quality Commission. The GQC is a government agency who protect the health and safety of consumers. 

A licence is also necessary to carry out laser hair removal treatments at your work premises and for any other treatment rooms at home too.

Laser Hair Removal Treatment Rooms- salontransform

Laser Hair Removal Treatment Rooms

Laser hair removal premises also have their own legal requirements which include laser use being limited to just one room only. Other conditions for the room are:

  • Adequate ventilation
  • The treatment bed should come with movable sections
  • All equipment (including Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) products) should be stored in an impervious cupboard
  • A sign must be hung on the door at all times when the laser treatment is in process

Laser Hair Removal Training

Most aesthetic schools and cosmetology schools do not yet offer laser hair removal training courses. It is still a practiced specialty. If you who wish to learn high-tech laser treatments, you must attend an accredited school in order to gain proper certification.

Ensure you take advantage of the best training available. For those surrounding the Midlands area, and my partnering laser hair removal franchise CoLaz advise you to consider the Beaulaz Beauty Salon School and Laser Training Centre ; beauty school affiliated with the London School of Excellence. The Birmingham-based beauty and laser training centre offers multiple laser courses  all accredited by the VTCT—the specialist awarding body for the Hairdressing, Beauty Therapy, Complementary Therapy and Sport and Active Leisure sectors, with over 45 years of experience.

Beaulaz Beauty Salon School and Laser Training Centre

The training centre offers direct enrolment in NVQ Level 4 Certificate in Laser Hair Removal and IPL. This is a vocational qualification which focuses on light and laser treatments for the hair and skin. Not only will it provide you with the necessary required knowledge to handle the treatment, you will also gain the practical experience needed to confidently perform laser and beauty treatments on the clients.

Beaulaz Beauty Salon School

Becoming a Laser Hair Removal Technician

The minimum requirements for becoming a laser hair removal technician include:

  • A minimum of an NVQ 3 or equivalent (all certificates should be available to clients on request)
  • A current Registration on Healthcare certificate
  • Laser hair removal training which should include:
    • Hazard awareness of using laser machines
    • Risk assessments capabilities
    • A certificate of competency and proof of their training
  • Insurance to cover the treatment procedure including:
    • Public liability/employer liability
    • Professional indemnity insurance

It is also strongly advised that technician shave training in basic First Aid, and CPR as well as strong general Health and Safety awareness.

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