Where to Begin

It’s important to sit down and work out exactly what your business can afford before you start buying Farrow & Ball paint and then discover you’ve left no money for furniture and staff. If you’re starting the business from scratch, make sure your design budget won’t eat into future expenses for staff wages and supplies. Make a list of everything you will need and budget accordingly for it. Then, stick to your fund allocation.

Design and Layout

Every beauty salon owner understands the importance of designing the right layout and setup for their salon. Check out our beauty salon design post  for more information on creating the ideal blueprint for your business.Whatever design ideas you choose to employ, aim for cohesion throughout your salon. Click here if you are looking for more salon design ideas

Themed Spaces

A successful salon theme or individually themed rooms can leave a lasting impression with your clients. To develop the right theme to suit your salon, you first need to work out what you want your business to say to your customers. Aim for impressive interior design and unique character when choosing a design theme. Your theme can be reflected in everything from your colour scheme to your lighting. Whether you choose to go vintage, international, feminine, or plush. Do it with style. Our sister company, CoLaz, has some great examples of themed rooms which really hit the wow factor. Click here for more examples. 

Beauty Salon Decor suggestionsCoLaz Salon in Derby Theme Room

Colour Scheme

Keep it simple. The best design ideas are the simplest.Make your decision about colours carefully and wisely. Remember, your salon design will have to last a reasonable length of time. Pick a colour scheme of two or three colours and run these throughout your salon. From furniture, equipment, and decorations, to plants and flowers.


Once you’ve designed the layout of your salon it’s important to choose the right furniture to enhance your space. Dark upholstery, for example, will help improve the longevity of your salon furniture. Let’s face it. Stains do happen.


Create the right ambience with the right lighting. The atmosphere you create for your clients can be cleverly enhanced with the right choice of lighting. Bright light fixtures can add an artistic splash to blank wall spaces or highlight and frame chosen wall artwork.

Beauty salon lighting Reception areaCoLaz Derby Salon Bright Lights

A Blank Canvas

Don’t be intimidated by large expanses of wall space. Get creative. Fill it with wall decals or bright posters. Not every piece of artwork has to break the bank either. Just use your imagination. Make the most of any old tools you still have with a fresh blast of spray paint and a touch of ingenuity.


Don’t be afraid of space. Lean towards minimalism rather than filling every available area. Tight on square footage? Use mirrors to trick the eye and ‘double’ your space.

Don’t neglect your outdoor walkway too. How are you grabbing potential clients’ attention on the street? Consider using a chalkboard to show promotions and help increase walk-ins. And get creative with your window displays!

For more information on creating a successful salon business from scratch, click here !


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