Begin with the Basics

Choosing the wallpaper and looking at paint swatches may appeal to your creative side but don’t gloss over the essential fundamentals of good salon design.

  •  Location is key. Improve your chances of success by picking the right locale for your business.
  • Draw the floor plan out for the ideal salon you have in mind. Measure out your space and consider the dimensions when you plan out the blueprint in your mind. Walk it out and then put pen to paper and sketch it.
  • Maximise your space, but don’t go overboard. Is your proposed layout comfortable for your clients and practical for your staff?
  • Get your water pressure tested by your local water company. A minimum of 1.75 to 2.5 bar of water pressure is necessary, otherwise you’ll need a booster pump installed.
  • Optimise your natural daylight, while taking into account your clients’ need for privacy. Aim for a well-lit light and airy space.
  • Think about the floor surface. You want something easy to clean, durable to deal with a lot of foot tread, but which avoids creating too much noise underfoot.
  • Read magazines and check out the internet for inspiration and ideas. Just be aware that what works for one salon space may not work for another.

Now that you’ve drafted and designed the optimal layout for your space, it’s important to complement it with the right interior design and décor. The proposed shape of your salon will help determine what furniture, colour scheme and lighting you should choose.

Begin with the Basics


Don’t let the design of your reception be an afterthought. Make your clients’ first impression count. As such, it should be a tailored area designed to greet whoever walks through the door warmly.

  • Always keep a tidy reception desk. 
  • Avoid putting retail hair products behind your desk. You’re actively creating a barrier between your clients and what you want them to buy. 


Your choice and style of furniture should be in keeping with your chosen décor. Pick comfortable pieces for your waiting area. Other ideas to keep in mind:

  • Buy furniture with salon cloths and foam that meets BS7176: Medium Hazard (a combination of the match test, cigarette test, and a small ignition test) to reduce your fire risk.
  • Always budget for nasty surprises. These can include delivery and installation costs. Get a quote in writing from your salon supplier before you sign off on paperwork.


The CoLaz  franchise is renowned for spacious, airy, relaxing and elegant décor. But don’t just take our word for it. Check out these videos of our stunning themed rooms from our beauty salons. They may provide just the inspiration you need.

**Videos here maybe**

For more information on achieving the right décor for your salon, click here .


Hesitant to Do It Yourself?

Designing is not everyone’s strength, but it’s not a weakness if you don’t want to do the project yourself. Many salon suppliers offer planning/design services which you can take advantage of and maybe even sweeten your furniture purchase deal too. A trained salon planner can help you discover unique design ideas.

Contact me for  further advice and ideas. 

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