The Most Important Rule of Thumb When Designing a Logo

Regardless of if you design your salon logo yourself, or pay a professional to come up with a design for you, it’s important to design with your demographic market in mind. Avoid funky and childish elements—more suitable for a teenage market—if your target clientele is women between 25 and 40, rather aim for stylish elegance and femininity instead. Understand who your target audience is and deign appropriately, this will ensure you make the right design choices.

Design Elements to Bear in Mind

Design Elements

The days are long gone when you can simply pick a font in whatever version of Microsoft Office you’re working in and use that on all your marketing material. Typography matters. It influences who your logo will most appeal to; from the font face; to the choice of ‘serif’ or ‘sans serif’; each element of your chosen font matters.

Images within logos can be interesting and memorable, even something simple can have a powerful effect. Selecting an image that is appropriate to your audience can also convey important messages, for example, if you’re an organic company, or aimed solely at a particular demographic. As the old cliché goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words”.

This can be a simple phrase, or even a single word that encompasses everything your company does. Your choice of tagline can say a lot about you as a hair salon or beauty clinic, so choose wisely. The ideal tagline—or slogan—is short, sweet, and to the point. It can be a play on words or a play on the type of business you are, but avoid any long, overly complex descriptors.

Less is more when it comes to colour, so don’t go overboard and design a logo with a crazy rainbow of colours. Aim for a good balance as the wrong selection will convey the wrong message to your clients. Bear in mind certain colours are associated with certain themes so, picking the right ones for your business can also do wonders for your logo.

Designing a logo can be a complex business but it is not impossible.
Follow these guidelines if you are determined to create your own and you won’t go wrong. 

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