How Do I Create Successful Special Offers for Hair and Beauty?

Special Offers for Hair and Beauty

Add value instead of a discount
As simple as it is to just offer 10% off your current price list, this discounting method simply undermines your carefully thought out pricing. 

Instead, add an extra touch to a client’s package. This will allow them to try something new and they will probably add it to their list of favourite treatments for next time, when they will pay for it. For example, include a deep conditioning treatment while they’re sat at the basin of your hair salon. Or, offer a quick file and polish while they have a facial. Be creative, and they’ll be more inclined to pay for the new treatment during their next visit.

Bring a friend
What better way to improve your referral rate by offering a package deal for two people. Clients will be tempted into bringing along a new friend, and you get twice the number of loyal customers if all goes well.

Another idea is to create a loyalty card program or referral card to personalise the element a little. It’s a great way to improve your client database and can cost very little to set up. Your clients can give the card to a friend and you can watch your referral rates rise!

3 for 2 offers
So, we may have borrowed this idea from supermarkets, but it works really well in the hair and beauty industry too. And not just for offers on products either. Go one step further and think about creative ways to set up a 3 for 2 offer on treatments too to expand your client’s appointment time. This way your client’s will spend slightly more to get the discount with you. Don’t forget to make the 3rd item or treatment the lowest priced of the 3 to protect your profit margins.

Happy hour or even happy day!
Does your salon have a certain hour or two that’s always quiet? Turn it around with this offer by attracting business with a discount/deal at a certain time or even on a whole day. You can take one of the above offers and assign it this particular day (or hour), or even go one step further and offer a free treat. Maybe a glass of prosecco while clients wait, or a goody bag of free sample products. 

Whatever you decide to do, make a big deal of it on your social media and help it become a regular spot in your client’s calendar. Watch that dead time liven right up!

Package it up right
Your clients are always on the lookout for a bargain, and in today’s stressful world we all love to treat ourselves every now and then. Why not combine these two and create some carefully thought out (and carefully priced) packages that appeal to your customers and introduce them to new treatments?

Whatever special offer you decide to try out,
think about ways that help your client spend more money rather than less, as that is the key to a successful discount!

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