Hire Right? Or Train right?

When hiring employees, it’s not always easy to get the exact match of personality to complement the skillset your job vacancy requires. Sometimes, it even makes more sense to find the right person to suit your team, rather than to hire someone based purely on their abilities alone. (Though obviously the perfect candidate is one who ticks every box.) 

As the salon or clinic owner, it is in your best interests to train the new employee to meet your requirements. As such, it’s all about the training you undertake.

How Long Before I Should Train New Staff?

It’s every employer’s nightmare to spend money on training a new employee, only for them quit and go to work for another company. When going through the hiring process, it is important to make your training expectations clear with potential candidates. 

You should not delay training for fear of losing an investment in a new team member. One way to avoid this issue is to insert a clause into your new employee’s contract that the value of training will be deducted from their final pay check if they leave within X number of months after the course. 

This way you are covered and you can stay on track with all your training programs for both new and more experienced staff.

Colaz experienced staff

A Positive Investment

Investing in your team should never be considered as wasted money. Even if one team member leaves right after a training program, the remaining technicians and therapists will remember and appreciate the time and money you have spent on them. 

Your staff should be trained to turn every client visit into a recurring appointment. The training you send them on will help them to develop the necessary skills to increase customer conversions and leave a lasting impression on clients; improving customer loyalty.

When a customer decides to visit your hair salon or beauty clinic it is important that you can deliver on the quality of service you promise with trained and helpful staff up to the task.

What Skills Can Your Team Learn?

By engaging in the right training programs, your staff can learn how to:

  • Connect with customers
  • Ensure client satisfaction
  • Expand their knowledge and skillset
  • Improve on the treatments and services you offer your clients
  • Promote and carry out the latest in niche services and therapy treatments
  • Upsell business associated products and services
  • Make your business more profitable

How Can Salonstransform.com Help You?

The following pages at Salonstransform.com are jam-packed with tips on finding the right training paths for you and your business, as well as how to get the most out of them. With your business in mind, I can help you create a learning evolution plan which will turn your hair salon or beauty clinic into the prestigious service provider that gets people lining up around the corner.

Not only can I point you in the direction of a top, accredited beauty salon school, but I can also help you discover the latest niche treatment training programs which can help you relaunch your services and target a whole new clientele list.

Discover how to increase your business and gain an edge over your competitors by diving into the following pages:

  • Find the ideal beauty salon school for your staff
  • Learn more about the specifics of tanning salon training
  • Discover the latest trends in beauty therapist training
  • Study how to train for salon manager jobs
  • Improve your niche client list with laser hair removal training
  • Determine whether permanent makeup training is right for you and your business

For more details on any of the information you find on this website, please don’t hesitate to contact me direct.

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