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What Do I Need to Include on My Website?

Every beauty clinic and hair salon should have a professional website published. The site should allow clients to join their email marketing, book appointments, buy products through ecommerce, and view a gallery of happy customers post-appointment/treatment.

If you have the money, you can pay a professional to build a website for you based on your specifications. But if your funds don’t stretch that far than have no fear, these days creating a website is not as difficult as it sounds.

There are plenty of DIY website platforms to help you create a sleek, professional looking website all by yourself. The key to building a great beauty salon website is simply to invest time and patience in the endeavour. 

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How Should It Look?

You want your website to appeal to the kind of clientele your business is aimed to attract. You can design and create a site that is 100% yours and truly reflect your salon in a very short amount of time. Whatever kind of look or theme your salon or clinic is styled in, aim to create a website that is sleek, attractive, easy to navigate, and as helpful as possible. Include all the information necessary to help your clients find your salon, learn your opening times and contact you quickly and easily. Set up an online booking system that is simple and easy to use. 

Before diving into the aesthetics of your website it might be worth checking out your competitors in the local area to ensure you create something truly different and individual.

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Decide on a Domain Name

Your domain name should reflect the name of your salon or clinic. To make it simple, try to buy a .com version of your salon’s name. Avoid domain names that are difficult to spell and customize it to make it easy for clients to find with a search engine.Be aware that domain names do not tend to be case specific and cannot contain special characters.

Decide on a Domain Name

Social Media

Your website is the hub of your online presence but social media is a hugely important tool for promoting your site with your potential market. You should not have one without the other. Use social media to share photos, promotions and discounts.

Social Media

What Pages Should I Include?

As mentioned, your beauty salon website should contain certain information for your visitors. It should be helpful to your current clients for making bookings and be accessible for potential clients looking to assess your services and get in contact.

Consider these pages for your site:


This is where you will make your first impression. Use this landing page to portray your latest services and promotions as well as to highlight any discounts or new treatments.


Share your salon or clinic’s back story and give a description of your business.


Your clients will be most interested in this page. Be sure to include a breakdown of everything your business has to offer as well as your rates. 


Take the opportunity to show off all your hard work! The best beauty salons websites include a page of photographs to show what can be achieved at your salon.

Appointments Page 

In today’s technological age it’s important to have a cohesive online booking system that can organise your appointments. You can easily incorporate booking widgets as part of your DIY website building process.


Create an ecommerce page for your customers to buy their favourite products from you direct. Don’t forget to advertise any merchandise offers you have going on too!

Contact Us

Make it easy for visitors to get in touch if they have any questions. Include your email address and telephone numbers as well as all your social media links to encourage your clients to follow you!

For more information on website building or in case you’d like some direct advice and tips, contact us at today!

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