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Unless you are the type of owner who hovers by the front door to greet everyone, your staff are your business’ representatives on a daily basis.

Whether you have just one or two sun units as part of your salon or beauty clinic—or are a business entirely dedicated to tanning with both sun units and spray tan options—it’s important that your staff are educated in tanning completely. They should be able to confidently and fully answer all your customers’ questions and handle any concerns. 

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Tanning Units

Sunbeds or solariums come in many different shapes and sizes. From vertical units and canopy sunbeds, to portable sun lamps and the now, more traditional horizontal-style sunbed. Both have advantages and salons/beauty clinics tend to make their preference based on space and suitability. Like the outdoor sun, sunbeds emit both UVA (ultraviolet A) and UVB (ultraviolet B) rays. Hence, UV light is essentially the same whether transmitted by the sun or by sunbed. A UV tan is the result of this exposure to UV light and, as a result, must be managed in moderation. 

It may seem like a simple process to those who have used a tanning unit, but a sun bed is so much more than just a timer and sun lamps. Your staff should know more than that they have to set the timer on a computer or on the unit itself. They should understand the differences in units they are using in terms of levels, tanning power, and other factors. Your staff must understand the delicate, and rather dangerous nature, of the sunlamps inside the unit. Do they understand why they must not touch high-pressure facial lamps without gloves when they need to be changed? Can they recognise when it is necessary to change a lamp? 

All these questions and more can be answered with the right training, giving your business the education and backing to provide this service.

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Tanning Regulations

As well as the technical aspects of indoor tanning, it’s also important for your staff to understand and enforce tanning regulations with your clients. The age restrictions associated with using a sunbed (all unit types from vertical to horizontal are included here) come with quite grave fines—from £5,000 to 20,000—if inspections are carried out and an offence has occurred. Instruction on the multiple types of scenarios which are considered an offence is an important part of tanning salon training. Without this knowledge, your staff are in danger of exposing your business to unnecessary financial risk. Which, ultimately, can greatly impact your business’ bottom line.

Working in your salon or beauty clinic and dealing with tanning units is an important responsibility, and should be treated as such by both you (as the business owner) and your staff. Educated salon staff will provide a much better standard of service than those who cannot do more than the basics. Training is a solid investment that you can make in your staff that will provide returns time and again.

For more comprehensive information on the tanning regulations in the UK, please visit GOV.UK for Guidance on the Implementation of the Sunbeds Regulation Act 2010

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