Defining Your Unique Selling Position

Your USP will form the backbone of your marketing, because without it, you’re just another salon/spa/clinic in your area. Don’t be distracted by what your competitors are doing, this will not help your business. Instead, stop focusing on others, and start concentrating on maximizing what your business does best!

Make a SWOT List

Sit down and write out your salon’s SWOT analysis. SWOT stands for your business’ strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. By taking the time to understand your strengths and weaknesses, you can begin to develop new ways to promote and market your business.

Putting your weaknesses down on paper can be really motivating for a business. Don’t look at your list and be afraid. Turn them into another opportunity. Take the time to reflect on your list, address these ‘weaknesses’ with decisive solutions, and overcome them.

Taking the time to reflect on any potential opportunities that you might be missing is also constructive. Too often in business I see people worrying so much about their perceived threats and competition that the same anxiety is actually preventing them from seeing any of the optimistic possibilities lying in front of them at the same time.

Think Like Your Clients

Think Like Your Clients

Your next step is also a positive move. Now you establish your biggest strength; your unique selling point.Go back to your SWOT list. Of your strengths, what do you have that makes you different to other salons or clinics? Not sure where to start? Uniqueness can come from either a strong brand backing (which is not really an option for 95% of small to medium salons sadly) or by optimising (and advertising) a benefit, product or service that differentiates you from other businesses.

From your list of strengths, pick out the one that really distinguishes your salon or clinic from others. (Working out your USP will also help you address your ‘threats’ too, by acting proactively to make positive moves for your business’ success.)For example your strengths could be:

  • No wait time for appointments
  • A particular treatment/fashion trend capability
  • Experienced/stylish/knowledgeable staff

And if you’re still not sure what your USP could be, ask your most loyal customers why they keep coming back.

salon or clinic

Maximise Your USP

Now you need to share your USP with the world. Maximise it and communicate it within your marketing to all your clients—both old and new. Integrate your USP into your advertising; from social media and brochures, to any other advertising tools you use. Turn this another opportunity to add to your SWOT list.

Be specific about your USP claim and above all, stick to it! If your business makes a promise on something, it’s important that you always deliver. Building a positive reputation up about your business takes time and energy, but just one mistake can put a serious dent in that rep with clients within moments.

Above all remember; be distinguishable!

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