The Debate: Buying Used Salon Equipment Vs. Buying New

As we contemplate the question of buying used versus new together, it’s worth remembering that your company image is everything. So, when it comes to your equipment, looks really do matter. But that’s not to say you cannot find used or vintage salon equipment that reflects the tone and quality of your business while keeping to your style. Brand new is not the only path to take to maintain excellence and character. It simply means that you need to weigh in function and looks more when you are considering buying used salon equipment. It is worth factoring in whether the extra time, energy, and potential maintenance is going to make the effort of buying second-hand a worthwhile venture for you and your salon.

Here’s a list of pros and cons to consider when deciding between used and new:

  Pros of Buying Used:

  • Price:Equipment deprecates in value after the first few years of being brand new. Length of life, reliability and style become the best benchmarks of quality then when considering second-hand, but regardless, the price should come in lower than any new equipment you consider.

  • Hidden Gems
    You can potentially find great deals on second-hand salon equipment over new, and used doesn’t necessarily mean ‘unreliable’. There are a number of reasons that second-hand equipment comes up on the market, so a savvy business owner will be looking out for a real bargain.

  • Stay within Budget
    Buying second-hand equipment doesn’t mean choosing poor quality and bad condition, and it can help you stay within your budget. Which means you can begin to improve on your bottom line much quicker when you open your salon.

  Cons of Buying Used:

  • Unknown Supplier:
    Buying second-hand means your equipment may come with more problems than anticipated. Buying used can also mean foregoing credentials, mandatory inspections or certifications. You have no idea how the previous owner used their equipment. All of thesefactors are worth considering, but a certain amount can be overcome with a bit of extra homework and questioning of the supplier.
  • Old Equipment:
    Depending on what you buy, there can be a fine line between vintage and outdated. Are you truly saving money on equipment that won’t come with a warranty? Will it stand the test of time for your company’s image and style?
  • Condition:
    What you save in expenditure, you may pay for in poor condition. Always carefully consider the sale before making a purchase on second-hand salon equipment. It still needs to last you. Will there be any extra costs involved in the future for maintenance or repair work? Take this into account before you buy.
Used Salon Equipment

  Pros of Buying Used:

  • Productivity
    Chances are, when you buy new salon equipment over old, that you’re purchasing the latest and greatest model. With the right homework and for the right price, you can buy new equipment with a long-life expectancy, thus increasing your business productivity.

  • Warranty
    Depending on the salon equipment you purchase, some items may come with a warranty or guarantee. This extra support can extend equipment’s life expectancy if you encounter problems.

  • No Anxiety Over Previous Owners
    Buying new comes with the added comfort of knowing that you are the only one to use your equipment. You have no previous owner abuse or lack of care to contend with.

  Cons of Buying New:

  • Cost:
    Buying new can vastly inflate the initial cost of your equipment; not only are new models more expensive than used, but they may come with additional expenses such as delivery, installation, and warranty, etc.

  • Quality:
    Buying brand new does not always mean you are buying quality. Ensure you buy from a reputable supplier and, if possible, check out the equipment in person before you make a purchase to make sure you are getting what you pay for.

  • Deprecation of Value and Style:
    Brand new equipment will potentially go out of style quicker. Buying retro or vintage equipment can, in some cases, give you an edge over buying the ‘latest’ trend which may not stay fashionable for as long as you wish. 

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